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Rise of QIU

PT. Quadra Indonesia Utama (QIU) is an innovative and highly experienced telecommunication and engineering consultancy company focused on providing Network Engineering and Construction of telecommunication system services including Surveys, Tower Analyses, CME Implementation, Installation including Testing-Commissioning of various telecommunications equipment and dedicated to delivering projects using the best team and equipment.

Our business is based on delivering excellent results and achieving high levels of repeat business. A strategy that has seen the company grow successfully and organically over the last three years since QIU established in 2017 and we aim to improve every year.

Vision & Mission


To become Indonesia’s most preferred solution-provider for telecommunication, specializing in Engineering and CME.


To passionately develop powerful, efficient and high-quality telecommunication solution services that fully serves the needs of each customer.

To be a valuable partner for every stakeholder.

To internally develop reliable, advanced platforms and business processes that supports our performance and efficiency.

To continuously enhance the quality of our services and products.

Core Values

Focus in invariably creating a positive customer experience.

Strive for superior excellence through continuous service improvement and refinement.

Quick in problems solving, making decisions, taking actions and adapting.

Growing professionally as one happy family who genuinely understand and mutually support each member’s role, collaborative in achievement of company’s goals.

Our Services

Our Services

QIU is a company engaged in the field of General Contractor with major business in Network Engineering and Construction of Telecommunication Systems which is covering Surveys, Engineering, CME Implementation, Installation including Testing Commissioning of various telecommunications equipment, Goods or materials supply for installation work and supporting facilities.

With the extensive network, professionalism and commitment of every department, enable QIU team to provide a good quality service, consistent and value-added for the achievement of common goals.

Our Services include :

  • Mini Audit
  • Site Audit for Opt Network GSM
  • Loss Survey
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering
  • Survey and Engineering
  • Transmission Survey
  • Detail Site Survey
  • New Site Survey
  • As-Build, C-Module
  • Civil Mechanical Electrical (CME) – Collocation
  • Installation.


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